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Remote Ignition Interrupter

The Remote Ignition Interrupter, or RII, is a REQUIRED safety feature for monster trucks that enables safety officials to shut the truck’s ignition off with a handheld device to prevent serious crashes.

Devil's Dodge Monster Truck

Since 1990

The Birch RII Started With Family

Devil's Dodge was a Dodge Dakota monster truck owned by Larry Birch Jr.


It was sold to KC's Fireworks in 2007, where it ran for a year before becoming the second Outback Thunda. The body was later run on the former Bear Foot 1 truck as Devil's Dodge (Ace Fireworks).

RII Install.jpeg
RII 2.heic

How it works

During monster truck shows, safety members each use the RII Transmitter, a handheld walkie-talkie-like device equipped with buttons used to shut down the truck's ignition if the driver begins to become involved in a major crash or other dangerous situation where the driver cannot safely stop the truck himself. With the simple press of a button, the safety official can use the RII to instantly kill the truck's ignition, reducing the seriousness of the crash and potentially preventing the truck from hitting something or even someone.

Multi-Point Safety

There are three RII switches in total on a monster truck. The first one is on the handheld device held by the safety official. The second is inside the cab of the monster truck that the drivers are required to flip any time the truck crashes. The third switch is on the back of the truck, that safety officials will flip as soon as they reach the truck after a crash.

Birch's Remote Ignition Interrupter System Mosnter Trucks277580708_10158865130348443_21470

Trusted by...pretty much everyone.

It is mandatory that during the monster truck racing competition, before each race, the RII is tested to make sure that it is working as it should be. After the two trucks are positioned to start the race, the drivers put their hands out of the window to show that they are not touching anything. The official then sends the RII ignition kill signal using the handheld RII transmitter to verify each truck’s RII installation. The trucks are started once again and the race proceeds.


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